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Leisure wines brings you the best in Australian wines. With both white and red wines there is a wines to suit your needs.

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About Leisure Wines

Leisure Wines brings quality Australian wines to our Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, and China Market and helps increase the overall market share of Australian Wines.

Leisure Wines has export offices in Singapore and also Hong Kong. This allows us to give the best support for our clients.

We understand the importance of our Customers and strive to deliver not only the best wines Australia has to offer but also a customer focus team that is in tune with your needs.

The Wines we work with shows the finest on offer from Australia. Alot of the wines have also won international awards. Our Product range varies from entry style wines all the way up to super Premium wines.

Leisure Wines has extensive experience in the exportation of wine from Australia and the importation of wines into China and surrounding markets.

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New South Wales!!

There's no place like it!! Visit NSW.



You will love every piece of it!! Visit Victoria.



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Beautiful one day, Perfect the next!.


South Australia!!

South Australia, A brilliant blend.