The sudden surge of interest in craft beer in the region, has certainly piqued the interest of beer lovers and anyone else willing to try a different style of beer. The sheer growth of Beerfest Asia held in Singapore annually is a great example of how the industry has evolved in the region and globally.

While the myriads of styles and origins of craft beer is mind boggling and great, it has also resulted in heavy rotation of the beers in bars as well as stores in Asia.

For example, a style of beer you really love at your local bar last week, may no longer be available this week. Therein lies the problem specifically for smaller artisans who want to share their craft with beer lovers worldwide but are unable to have a constant presence.

Leisure Wines is looking to solve this problem by partnering with these artisans to ensure their beers are always available in the region. Through setting up a formal logistics infrastructure in Singapore, Leisure Wines will look to stock and supply their beers locally and in the region.

This cuts down the long lead time and minimum order sizes versus ordering direct from the brewery!